Stunning Caitlyn Jenner

I was speechless when I first saw Bruce Jenner (then)’s full interview with Dian Sawyer.

The world was shocked but were not shocked at the same time because his transformation was documented and the media didn’t leave him alone throughout the time!

I don’t care what anybody else says about her but I am going to say that. I was really touched by her courage to announce who she really was.

It wasn’t just an announcement because she made it happen. Look at the picture..she looks nothing but a gorgeous woman in middle age!

I think she has definitely made the right decision to just forget what the world says about him once and for all and be who she really is. There was nothing else to prove because she was a very accomplished athlete and she opened another chapter of her life, reaching another milestone by reaching out to millions of people who struggle with transgender issues.

In a way she is very fortunate to have been able to use it. She can use the reality show and her fame as the platform to spread the word..but still she is doing a good thing!

Why was this particular story so touching for me? Well, I am not a transgender.I am hereto sexual..straight,,woman. But I also experienced my own share of struggles in my childhood.

Being Hafu used to be my struggle but it is my pride today..circumstances and growing as a person really helped me reach to this milestone in my life..

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