The right way to eat sushi

This video is very interesting, so I wanted to share this with you on my website. 🙂

-First wipe use your hands with oshibori, and there are three ways to order sushi.

-okimari (preset menu)


-omakase (leave it to the chef)

the right way to eat sushi..

soaking right side of the sushi in soy sauce is considered taboo.

proper way to eat sushi is to pick your sushi with three fingers as shown in video.

Make sure to eat sushi in one bite.

This is crazy because I didn’t know the proper way to eat sushi..I am embarrassed. How about you? Did you know how to eat sushi properly? It looks like the main thing is to eat sushi in one bite.. 🙂 and if you don’t want wasabi, tell the chef “wasabi nuki onegaishimasu”. I usually just manually remove wasabi..


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