Learn Japanese-the most comprehensive textbook

I am not going to lie and say that you are going to become fluent in Japanese in 30 days. If anything or anybody claims that you can be fluent without studying, it’s nothing but lies.

If we have to study one way or the other, why don’t we study efficiently and have fun doing that?

This book is designed for beginners as well as for those who want to review and learn Japanese the right way.

The most comprehensive guide to Japanese Language

By Yumi Nakata


“You learn all about formal and informal speech in this textbook.”

“Just briefly looking through it, I can see that I am going to get a lot of help and insight.  Even after being around Japanese for many years there are so many things I don’t know well.”

“I really like this book. 🙂 This book is well-thought-out. Wanna mention only one point in particular that I often miss in other books: The differentiation of informal and formal expressions – casual, friendly, polite, formal.”

Get "the most comprehensive guide to Japanese."

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