Why Americans are so obese..

Today I am going to talk about social issue in most societies today. It’s “OBESITY”. Thanks to fast food development, there are more overweight people than before in Japan.

People used to starve for food but we are so fortunate that too much food is available now. People eat because they are hungry, bored, whatever but there is definitely significant number of increase in obese children and others who are obese.

I am originally from Japan, and have followed the similar past of having Amerian lifestyle and I have gained so much weight..Anyways, I believe that these five are the reasons which typically contribute to obesity in the U.S. and Japan should try hard to impose some regulation on fast food chains.

1) Serious dependence on Automobile in the U.S. In Japan, people ride a cycle, or walk everywhere to go to the train station. Japanese people probably walk at least 3-4 miles a day just to go to the stations and to the office round trip. but if you hold a desk job in the U.S., the only time you actually move your body is to go outside during lunch break. People rely on their cars more and more and feel too lazy to walk around.

2) Insanely huge food portion in the restaurant. American restaurants typically serve a very big meal..at least for Japanese, us. I still remember the first time I went to Denny’s and I had a lot of fun. But I was astonished to see the size of oamlet. At least American restaurants usually offer “to go” service which is yet to be available in Japanese restaurants due to the “liabilities issues.”

3) American society values curvy women to the extent, and has a stigma towards models that appear very sick. In other words, less shame. So this gives a message to public that it is ok to be 220 lbs, 185 lb when the height if 5,6…In Japan, these average women would not find a lot of places to shop clothing and all that.

4) Drive thru..everywhere. It isn’t just McDonald, Starbucks but I was shocked to see the drive through for Buskin Robbins, Banking services, postal services..prescriptions at a drive-through pharmacy..Who would be motivated to walk anywhere? If you can just drive through…

5) Plus size clothing is easily available. In Japan, people complain that someone who weighs 130lbs (woman) wears a pair of large pants. In the U.S., almost every department store and retails like target, wallmart have loads of plus size clothing and you can buy them online too.

I am sure there are more reasons that contribute to very serious weight related issues in the U.S. We do see overweight people in Japan..but nothing like the ones in the U.S.

Have you ever seen the TLC reality show? My 600-lb life..these people are so fat that they lives are in danger. They cannot take care of themselves and normally have enablers who want to continue to enable them and take care of them so these people would have no choice but to depend on the care takers. So obesity is not just an individual problem but it often affects the family and the dynamics need to change in order to bring the weight back to normal.

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