Tallest idol in Japan

Yurina Kumai is the tallest Japanese idol. Her official height is 176cm but according to a source, her height is actually 180cm. In this video, she says her height is 176cm. 🙂

She is really tall.

She was born on August 3, 1993.

She could be the first Japanese Victoria Secret’s model.. Japanese women’s average height is 5’2″. (About 158.8cm).

My height is 168cm. 🙂

Growing up in Japan, I didn’t like being one of the tallest women in the classroom.

We had to stand in line according to height. I wanted to make my height shorter..but fortunately my height was 164 cm in junior high school and there was a girl whose height was 168cm. So I didn’t have to be the tallest girl in the class.

Another thing people don’t really know about is the

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