AKB48 and Morning Musume

akb48I have written about AKB48 a few times but don’t really know who they are..they do represent the modern Japan and I must say that AKB48 is a very popular idol group in Japan.

AKB48 was named after the Akihabara, the area of Tokyo that is famous for electronics and video games. AKB48’s theater was located in Akihabara so the produced named after the town. There were 48 girls originally but now as of May 2014, there are 140 girls in AKB group.

The age range of this group is early teens to mid-20s. What makes AKB48 so different from traditional idol group is that the producer created this idol group who would perform at its own local theater everyday.

The concept behind the creation of this group is that “the idols you can meet”. So AKB48 is more accessible and down to earth in a sense that they are like girls next door.

The group’s 2012 record sales was over $US226 million. Wow! That is an outstanding amount of record sales.

I have to be honest..I am not familiar with AKB48 and just assume that it is another Morning Musume that used to be so popular when I was in high school.

The most noticeable difference between the two idol groups is the fact that members of morning musume belongs to one agency but the members of AKB48 belong to different agencies. The management team of AKB48 did this intentionally in order to have their members belong to different influential talent agencies to get their support and also enhance the competition.

Both Morning Musume and AKB48 have the vast majority of fans..most of whom are otaku. These girls are very popular even internationally!

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