Art supplies laboratory in Japan

pigmentstore3In Tokyo, an unusual store opened last year.

This traditional art supply “lab”  boasts over 4200 colors of pigments, more than 200 antique ink sticks, and 50 kinds of animal glues. Pigment is owned by the Japanese company, Warehouse Terrada. You can get hard to find painting tools, brushes, pigments, special glues, and washi paper.


The store offer a range of art workshops and an in-house gallery that exhibits young artists. The store seeks to act as a catalyst, so young artists are inspired to use these rare traditional painting tools that have been passed down for generations in Japan and Asia.

courtesy of pigmentstore

Architect Kengo Kuma designed this very special store using bamboo and large open spaces. He has paneled the ceiling with an organic, undulating design comprised of bamboo slats.

Even if you don’t live in Tokyo area, you can go to Pigment’s online website to buy  brushes, pigments, special glues, and papers (special papers called washi). What makes the business stand out is they hire expert professionals to teach customers how to use their materials during workshops.


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