Beautiful Japanese Words (advanced)

These are the Japanese words that foreigners consider beautiful. Native Japanese speakers may not necessarily believe that these words are special because they hear that all the time..

I can say that these words aren’t slang but people in Japan will be really impressed if you use any of the following phrases in your daily conversation. It sounds modern and young Japanese people tend to say these.

1) Zenzen iiyo! (That’s totally ok) – That’s totally fine. This doesn’t make sense but Japanese people say this all the time.

2) Kuuki yomenai..(空気読めない) (Can’t read the air)- this is translated into “can’t read the air” in English. Apparently this was the popular phrase used among young Japanese people in 2007.

3) Maji de..(Shut Up! Are you kidding me?)-This makes you sound really cool if you can say “Maji de!!” instead of “really”?

4) Ukeru (Funny)-Don’t say this during your job interview with Japanese employers but you can say this when talking to your Japanese friends!

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