French doll Vanilla

Vanilla a.k.a plastic surgery robot has spent over $200K and has gone through over 30 surgeries. She is beautiful and you would never know what her nationality is. She does look Caucasian. She had five whooping nose jobs. What is her problem? Why can’t she satisfied with her looks?

I understand that she wanted to have minor surgeries but why is she so obsessed with getting rid of her original looks? She explains that she was bullied intensely in school. She reached out to her father but he told her put up with “bullies” because she is ugly.

I think she struggles with body dysmorphic disorder. She became famous for her doll like appearance and when you ask her whether she is Japanese, she would tell you that she is a french doll. She wants to get rid of her original face and says plastic surgery isn’t so bad. “It’s called Kasutamu (custom)”

You are simply “customizing” your body so why can’t you customize?! It is none of your business! She is the number one hostess in Osaka and all the money she has earned go toward her plastic surgeries.

She is willing to do whatever it takes to continue to pursue perfection. She swears that she will continue to change and will continue to change herself through plastic surgeries.

What bothers me about this is that Japanese media glorifies her life. Children watching this show in Japan may want to do the same because that’s how you can be famous! She has mental illness (body dysmorphic disorder). Yes it is not normal and she will probably die from plastic surgeries.

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