Japanese Adjectives

Types of Adjectives

Japanese adjectives may be divided into two categories.

1) i-adjectives: end with i (Japanese in origin)

2)na-adjectives: end with na (mostly Chinese origin words)



Atarashii: 新しい:new

Isogashii: 忙しい:busy

Omoshiroi: 面白い:interesting


Shizukana: quiet

Sukina: favorite

Benrina: convenient

Noun modifiers

When used as nouns modifiers, Japanese adjectives, like their English counterparts, precede the nouns they modify. Foreign words used as adjectives in Japanese become na-adjectives.

(a) Okii ie 大きい家 a big house

Kuroi kuruma: 黒い車 a black car

(b) kireina hana きれいな花 a pretty flower

modanna biru モダンなビル a modern building

genkina hito 元気な人 a healthy person

yuniikuna aidia ユニークなアイディア unique idea



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