Becky gets Thai Kick

Becky, Japanese TV personality, appeared in a popular TV show in Japan. In the Gaki no tsukai ya arahende show, there was a scene in which Becky who was being pranked by the show and suddenly a woman Thai kick boxer comes into the room and she was restrained by other comedians and Becky was kicked..pretty hard.

This was supposed to be funny as all comedians in the show were laughing. Japanese comedians often hit one’s partner’s head to correct his partner’s lame joke, so hitting lightly is often seen, but this was the first time I actually saw a woman being kicked hard during the show, so I was shocked.

So Why Becky?

I wrote about Becky, but her rumored affair with the lead singer of a popular Japanese band was causing much media attention and she had many contracts with companies to do their commercials and advertisement, but they all dropped her because of this scandal. b

But I really don’t understand why the media and public punish Becky so hard, because to me, it was mainly the guy’s fault. Apparently Becky did not know that he was married and moreover his wife was pregnant!

He was able to resume his concerts and didn’t have to tearfully apologize everyone like Becky did! I guess there is a double standard. Men are forgiven for having an affair but it is absolutely not ok for women to have an affair and if she crosses the line, she will lose everything especially in entertainment industry in Japa.

When the time came and a Thai kick boxer came into the room, Becky suddenly realized that she was going to get kicked! Becky said, “I am done with that problem (affair scandal) and feeling better!” Becky of course said, “Oh man..this really hurts.”

On Twitter, some public came to Becky’s defense. Some said this was a violent crime.

“We should destroy Japan’s so called variety shows that target weak people to bully them should be banned”

There were many criticisms but Becky said She appreciated the opportunity to appear in this popular show. Becky had to live a low key life for a long time because of this affair issues.

After Becky released the statement of her appreciation, more people started to debate about the TV show’s treatment of Becky. Actually. this show is pretty tacky and has done something like this to other people. So some people say that we shouldn’t defend her just because she is pretty, likable and woman. Some people are very vocal about this issue.

Maybe Becky knew about the fate that awaited her and the show made her sign a contract just in case. But this type of show worsens the bullying situation. This resembles what bullies do to other kids who seem weaker, more obedient. For example, bullied kids in Japan probably wouldn’t speak up at first because they are afraid. This is similar to the kids’ situation.

I think kicking a woman and laugh at her is too much, and it should not be repeated again and Becky should not say she appreciates it!!!


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