Create your perfect puffiness under your lower eyelid


Asian people are obsessed with double eyelids. Many young people in Japan get plastic surgeries to have their ideal double eyelids. Double eyelids make your eyes look bigger.

I guess what it is is that all of us want what we don’t have and it’s called human nature.

But the recent trend in Japan will make you second guess if this has gone too far..

So the latest trend? It is to create puffiness under the lower eyelids. Again it is to make your eyes look bigger and more round.

Many young Japanese celebrities have the puffy eye bags. In America, people use concealer or cream to erase dark circles.

So how are young Japanese people creating puffiness under their eyes? You can use cosmetics (an eye pencil, eye shadow, highlighter etc) to do that.


It does look kind of cute, doesn’t it??

…more drastic way to create the puffiness under the eyes is to have the petite cosmetic surgery. It is not going to be permanent so it is cool. The doctor will be injecting hyaluronic acid gel under the eye. And it will create that perfect puffiness that makes you more attractive.  🙂

This one, I do not recommend nor will I ever try. The concept is similar to the eye tape which creates beautiful double eyelid. You are applying a tape under the lower eyelid, so you can manually create the puffiness.  I would never do that because I spend at least 10 minutes each day using my lancome eye cream and massage that area in an attempt to eliminate any dark circles and puffiness!

What do you think about this? Do you want to try? I would love to hear your opinions. If you have something to say, please comment below! (spams will be reported so don’t bother!)



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