My most favorite Beni’s song

I love Beni Arashiro, a Japanese pop singer known as “Beni.” She is one of the most talented Japanese singers that I’ve known. She writes her own music, dances well and has a beautiful voice. What more can we ask for?

Beni is Okinawan. She grew up in Okinawa (southern island of Japan) as Hafu. Her father is American and her mother is Japanese. I think she might have even had a better chance of doing well in Hollywood because of her beautiful looks and talent. She is fluent in Japanese and English.

It is hard to find that perfection in someone.

Beni’s song titled “Message” is included in her lovebox album. I finally found her heartfelt live singing “Message” and I think this is a rare one. She becomes emotional and occasionally holds back her tears while singing her very personal song message. I decided to interpret her beautiful Japanese song into English.


On one day, tears were falling down and smearing with my dreams.


I was nervous and couldn’t sleep. I can’t walk alone..


But the melody that saved me and your words..Thank you and I will not forget.


Live to embrace each encounter


Because I want to find my own answers- not the only answer.


Keep running and live strongly


I know that I can no longer return to that place..


It is not that I miss it but don’t want to look back..


Your precious love that I didn’t understand that day..


I am sorry and we will meet again one day..


Don’t forget each separation and ending


Because there are more than one road that we can take to start over..


I am going to shine, live strongly and wipe your tears


I could finally like not just anybody but myself.


Even though it is dark now, continue to believe in tomorrow then it will shine..


I want to like myself even though I am not perfect


Even if I lose something or everything, I am not going to doubt that I will keep on singing..



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