Haruma Miura’s suspected causes of suicide by tabloid

As a fan, I am still processing Haruma Miura’s untimely death. What I am actually surprised is that people who weren’t his fans in Japan have been reporting that they have been depressed and sad about his death unexpectedly. His death hit us so hard but why is that? For me, it is very clear because I was his fan.

I do not like to use the past tense, but I am his huge fan. He is handsome, great actor, performer, dancer, singer and most importantly he has the most beautiful smile. Everyone who has worked with Haruma say that he was a sensitive soul and always put others’ needs ahead of his.

Here are some media reports that may be related to Haruma’s suicide.

Many YouTube channels and tabloid magazines in Japan report that Haruma has been estranged from his mother. He decided to cut ties with his mother after she had used his name to promote his multi level marketing business and she kept asking him for more money. According to the media, his mother used to be a sex worker and divorced the second husband and married to a “Host” who is basically the male version of hostess in Japanese clubs. Many sources reports that Haruma has cut ties with his mother and changed his phone number.

Moreover, his photographer friend claimed that he and Haruma shared the same birthday and they used to exchange messages on LINE but this year in April, Haruma did not reply at all and the photographer later found out that Haruma actually deleted his LINE account.

He also deleted his instagram from last year and deleted all his own following and created a new instagram account basically? It is almost as if he was trying to “reset” something.

And about a month ago, he changed his last name from “Sasamoto” which is his step father’s last name to Miura which is his actual birth last name. Sources report that Haruma was very close to his step father and they were more than son-father relationship, suggesting that something romantic was going on between then. That report, I do not know and to be honest that is ridiculous and things have gone too far at this point.

So now some people are speculating that Haruma has been thinking about “death” or “suicide” for sometimes and deleting his LINE account could have been his way of asking for help. Some reports state that he and Takeru Satoh who used to be Haruma’s counterpart at his talent agency amuse and they appeared to be the best friends but there are rumors that suggest that Haruma started to distance himself from Takeru and his friends due to their treatment of women.

Also, Haruma had an adoptive family who lives in Ibaraki preclude, in which he was born and raised. He used to go there to learn how to surf and he became very close to the instructor and his two children, and the instructor shared their previous short clip in which Haruma and his two sons were practicing surfing. That person reported that Haruma was drinking a lot..some days he was drinking destructively and it was concerning but nothing has been done obviously.

I am not sure what to make of this but there are so many rumors and speculations are written in gossip magazines and they are reported on YouTube. Only Haruma knows what happened. I just can’t help but wonder if this was some kind of murder. If his mother had ties with Yakuza through her new husband, that could be possible. At that point, it sounds more like a suspense movie.

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