The sexist marriage swindler

I can’t wait to watch this Japanese movie, “Kekkon.” The movie was released the last week of June. Kekkon means marriage in Japanese and at a press conference for this movie, Dean Fujioka was greeted by his super fans and some of them confessed that they have made numerous trips to movie theaters!
I have to also confess that I want to see this movie because Dean Fujioka is playing the main character, Kenji Utsumi. Dean Fujioka is a 36-year-old Japanese actor. Despite his katakana name (Dean), he was born and raised in Japan. After graduating from high school in Japan, he studied in Seattle and graduated from a community college before embarking on backpacking adventure through Asia. In Hong Kong, he was unexpectedly scouted by a fashion magazine editor and his modeling career started outside Japan.
Since then, Dean Fujioka has steadily built his career. He is also a musician, director, director and he speaks English, several different Chinese dialects and Japanese. In short, he is quite versatile. Japanese media says Japanese entertainment industry imported Dean Fujioka back to his home country because of his international success.
Dean Fujioka played a supporting role in the NHK TV series, “Asa ga Kita” (here comes morning) in Japan in 2015 and became an instant sensation. He has been extremely busy in Japan ever since. Dean will have quite a few romantic scenes in which he plays the piano, seducing his target women and ballroom dance.
What is really exciting about this movie is that Dean is not his regular Mr. nice guy. Kenji Urumi played by Fujioka is a marriage swindler who uses his charm to seduce lonely women to get what he wants-money. He asks these women to marry him and once he gets money, the marriage is permanently on hold and he disappears. The short trailer shows some scenes, but the movie eventually reveals Urumi’s dark childhood that made him who he is today.
The movie has a very exciting storyline but I think the movie is pretty much about Dean Fujioka whose popularity in Japan at its highest. I can’t blame some women for watching the movie not twice but five times! just because they are smitten by Fujioka’s sex appeal and charms.
Dean Fujioka in real life is taken so that makes him an unavailable man. He is happily married to his Chinese Indonesian woman and they have three children together. Fujioka himself is nothing like Urumi in the movie and he admits that he is a bit embarrassed to show this movie to his family. But fans are super excited for having a chance to see the other side of Dean Fujioka-the bad ass.
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