Canadian super cute model

Her name is Taylor. Isn’t she pretty? Yeah, she looks like a doll. She does look like a barbie doll, but not the creepy kind and Japanese people love her look. So who is she? She first became famous as a youtuber and apparently, she speaks English, Chinese and Japanese (?) fluently. She spreads kawaii (cute) culture through her youtube videos.

Taylor became so popular among Japanese people, and she made her debut in Japanese fashion magazines such as Vivi soon after debuting in Japan. So how cute is she? To me, she is like “Dakota Rose”.

Remember? another super pretty barbie doll like American model/TV personality. Her Japanese is so good that it is hard for me to believe that she naturally learned on her own since she came to Japan..It is weird because when my husband saw them on computer, his response was somewhat neutral. “Ok..yeah I think they are pretty but..nothing special.” He is American and that is his opinion. But he did say that they are definitely cute.


Japanese boys would dream about having a girlfriend who looks like her (good luck!).

Her Japanese in this youtube video is super cute. She is definitely appealing to Loricon. (Men who like girls).

Doesn’t this girl look like her


I don’t know which one is cuter..Taylor or this fluffy doggy. 🙂


But with natural makeup, she does look very beautiful. Still really kawaii but less artificial..I think I like this better!


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