Cherry blossoms Sakura and Hanami (viewing flower)

Hanami and Cherry Blossom viewing

the Japanese cherry blossoms


Hanami is one of important Japanese customs, and people have Hanami, which literally means “viewing flowers” all over Japan. Flowers indicated sakura (cherry blossoms), which bloom during spring time in Japan. It is said that the tradition of hanami started more than one thousand years ago when aristocrats enjoyed viewing beautiful cherry blossoms and wrote poems.

We used to bring obentou (lunch box) and picnicked in the park and we ate my mom’s delicious obentou under the beautiful cherry blossoms. Groups of people from work often host a mini ohanami , and they drink and eat their home-cooked meals, do BBQ or bring take-out food for this important custom.

Especially in the city, it is hard to secure the best Hanami spots, so some people go to the park early.  Views of cherry blossoms are breathtaking. That’s the best way to describe its beauty.. The Sakura bloom only lasts about a week, so it is important to go to Hanami during that week if you want to enjoy the fully bloomed cherry blossoms.  The Sakura represent life for most Japanese people, and we are reminded of the importance of living fully while we can.

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