Gaikokujin men

So I don’t want to talk smack about men but sorry I will..this time. ^_^ But it is not directly at you but I am generalizing the issue here and I will be talking about this specific dude in the Navy. I met him (steve, let’s say)at the international exchange meeting and he seemed like a very friendly nice guy. He quickly started talking to Japanese people with broken Japanese that he had lived in Japan for 12 years and all his past ex girlfriends are Japanese..I am like..OK. We talked and talked and he sounds interesting and wanted to grab a bite at a local mall, so I said “Ok. that’s fine.” It was fun but I started to notice some odd things about him. He shows exaggerated level of chivalry. I love attention and I love when men open doors for me but he was a little too much.

He didn’t just open the door for me, but helped me wear a coat (it was in winter)..and before I sat on a chair, he would pull the chair..American guys do all these little things but this guy did everything. I felt comfortable and we started talking..hum..something isn’t right. He talks about his ex Japanese girlfriends as if they were inferior to him and he was the one controlling them. He started to talk about one poor Japanese girl and they were living together but he kicked her out because she forgot to pay the utilities bill one time. is only once! and he was starting to tell me two daughters he has with two different women and they are garnishing his wage from navy’s. I was like…
“that is great..but I think it is your responsibility to take care of your children financially..” I was tired of hearing all these stories..

Let me tell you, this’s got nothing to do the culture. ^_^
I was like done. He sounded like a really nice guy in the beginning with all these chivalry stuff but maybe that’s how he kept getting Japanese girls’ attentions because men in Japan are shy and they don’t do this type of thing. 🙂

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