Mindfulness meditation: Meisou

I don’t know if you have ever heard of “Mindfulness” approach. Actually this popular concept and philosophy have origins in Eastern religions such as Taoism and Buddhism but the effects of mindful meditation have been studied by researchers extensively over the past three decades. It is becoming more common for mental health professionals to incorporate the mindfulness approach into their therapies because of its proven effects on our overall physical and emotional well-being. So does Mindfulness exactly mean? By being mindful, you are intentionally bringing your attention to this present moment. You pay particular attentions to your feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations, smells..you are simply noticing your both good and bad experiences without judgment. This is the key point..you are simply acknowledging your experiences in this moment but criticizing or judging yourself. I really like this concept because so many people make themselves busy, do impulsive things such as drugs to get away from unpleasant feelings..they just want to be “happy” but you pay the huge price for temporary relief. By practicing mindfulness, you learn how to accept both positive and negative feelings. You are simply paying attentions to what’s happening inside of you in this moment. The more you practice, the better you get..it’s the same for any other things..it’s hard in the beginning and all these emotions might come up and it’s easier to just distract yourself but by doing mindfulness meditation, you are learning to cope with both good and bad emotions..and experiences.

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