Foruthuna’s eyes (spoiler alert!)

Foruthuna’s gaze (or eyes) features a very popular actress, Kasumi Arimura and the movie is based on the book titled “Foruthuna’s gaze”. But apparently there is a huge difference between the book and the actual film.

If you have not seen this movie, this review does contain spoilers so please do not read this if you don’t want to know about the movie.

The main character, Shinichirou is a car technician. Shinichiro lost his parents in an airplane crash at an early age. He is lonely and does not have friends or girlfriend. He was silently polishing his assigned cars everyday and Shinichiro was ok with his daily routine of polishing his assigned cars.

But one day Shinichiro realized that he has a mysterious power. He can see through the bodies of people who are about to die. Transparency begins with the fingertips and proceeds with fingers, hands and arms. Eventually the translucence spreads throughout the whole body and Shinichiro would know that they are in trouble-death is very near! The transparent human dies within a few hours.

One day, Shinichiro realized that he had this ability to predict others’ deaths.

The most important lesson about Shinichiro’s special ability is the fact that the destiny is not absolute.

For example, you can talk to the person whose hands are transparent and she can be saved from the accident which could have happen in a few seconds.

In that case, when Shinichiro talks to that person, her hands are no longer transparent..that means Shinichiro actually changed that person’s destiny. But if the person is suffering from terminal cancer, he wouldn’t have been able to save those.

When Shinichiro realized that he has this special ability, he cursed it.

Because he would suffer from guilt every time he seems other humans that manifest transparent skin and he would be compelled to save that person.

But that person has a job and Shinichiro can’t watch him 24/7 in order to change the destiny-to save him. Ultimately, there is nothing much Shinichiro can do to save dying people. Even though Shinichiro understands this concept consciously, but he struggles with guilty every time he sees these dying people.

So Shinichiro decided to change the destiny of the person if he knows the exact cause of the person’s death. But those who were saved by others don’t always recognize their fortune. In many situations, those who were saved by Shinichiro treated him poorly and he didn’t feel appreciated. But Shinichiro was satisfied and happy.

Every time Shinichiro changed someone’s destiny by saving one’s life, he experienced headaches and chest pain for some unspecified reasons.


The incident occurred while Shinichiro wasn’t really using his talent. End, the president of the company, who takes care of Shinichiro at work started to look transparent. This happened right after Endo fired a useless employee. Shinichiro sensed that most likely Endo will be killed by this employee who wanted to revenge him. Endo is actually a great benefactor who picked him up and raised him to be independent when he was living without specific aims. This case is completely different than before.

Feeling compelled, Shinichiro talked to Endo and they decided to go to a bar..

On the way to the store, Shinichiro was alert and noticed a shadow that was following them from behind right away.

Shinichiro protected Endo and instantly he has intense pain.

…it looks like Shinichiro was hit by a bad. Shinichiro managed to raise his head up, infuriated Endo was hitting Kaneda. Although Endo’s arm and body were transparent until just now, he returned to his normal state.

His destiny has changed..

Shinichiro was able to appreciate this special ability as a talent as he had taught this ability was nothing more than curse.

Since the day Shinichiro helped Endo, something started to change within Shinichiro.

He didn’t really want to get involved with transparent human beings in the past but now he wants to help these people actively.

Even though Shinichiro helps, it wouldn’t generate profit and probably most people even wouldn’t recognize how much he has done for this project,

But that is alright.

It is good enough if that means that less people would be crying over transparent passengers.

Because of this incident involving Endo, Junichiro’s conviction became stronger.

So when Shinichiro met that individual, he was thinking how to somehow save a young person who was seen through by Shinichiro’s eyes.

Butterfly Effects

“Hey, don’t think too much. You can see through that man?”

Suddenly someone talked to Shinichiro, and it surprised him.

“You too..can see through some people?”

The man whispers.

“That guy will die in 3 days. However, I don’t know the cause of his death”

The man appears to know the exact time limit of someone’s fate, of which Shinichiro can’t predict. Shinichiro was invited to a local bar by a man named Kurokawa so they decided to chat at the bar.

“I am going to warn you about one thing. Do not get involved with other people’s destiny.”

Kurokawa has had this ability to predict other people’s deaths for 30 years and talked about that bitterly. One time the man he saved ended up taking his neighbor’s life.

Changing destiny and future is divine matter and humans can never touch that territory, says Kurokawa.

But Shinichiro couldn’t quite agree because these cases are extreme. Kurokawa started to talk about “Butterfly effects”

Butterfly effect

A small change (cause) can bring a huge difference (outcome, change) in the future. For example, by saving one person right in front of you, things go wrong and in the end, more people end up losing their lives.

Kurokawa said repeatedly, “changing other’s destiny is dangerous”

“You will regret it”

He left, with this word.

Even after hearing Kurokawa’s story, it didn’t change Shinichiro’s intent to save other people.

But Kurokawa’s appearance on that day concerns me somehow.

“What was Kurosawa trying to say?

Fateful date

A female clerk’s finger at the cellular phone career retail store looked transparent. ¬†Even though Shinichiro was warned by Kurokawa, He feels obligated to save her. But he didn’t know what to do…

Shinichiro stopped by her retail store

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