Japan Kills 333 Minke Whales

Another disturbing news. This is so disturbing and sad.

Apparently, Japan is still whaling because of “its much needed research”.

Restaurants in Japan serve whale meat and it’s considered a delicacy. Because whale meat is expensive, people in Japan don’t eat whale meat as much these days. But it’s still an important part of traditional food culture in Japan.

Japan has confirmed that the country has killed over 300 whales for its “scientific research.” Many of which are pregnant females and juveniles, as Japan is researching at which point whales hit sexual maturity.

This has angered the international community and Japan was advised to halt the scientific whaling immediately.

Killing of whales is mostly for commercial reasons, and scientific research program is just a cover up to conceal the true intent.

Japan claims that this scientific research program is to prove that the whale population is not in danger and it’s large enough for them so they may be able to return to commercial hunting again.

Truthfully, nobody gives a crap about whale meat in Japan. It’s kind of disgusting..I don’t understand who would want to eat the purple raw meat in Sushi restaurants…

The international community is angry with Japan for allowing Japanese fishermen to hunt dolphins as these are important part of Japanese food culture. That is a lie. We don’t eat dolphins and they are doing that to hunt and sell good dolphins to aquariums for money.

I’ve gotten angry email from other Japanese twitters who tell me that I should not be writing an article that criticizes my own people..These are their typical arguments.

“Why is it ok for people to kill cows for food and why is it not ok for Japan to hunt dolphins?”

“How do you prove that dolphins are smarter than cows?”

I am going to say the most obvious reason as to why Japan must quit dolphin hunting and whaling immediately as the international community is unhappy with these practices and Japan has a responsibility of taking a leading role to set the example for the international community.

Morale needs to be reassessed every now and then.


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