Japanese beauty standard

Nozomi Sasaki Wallpapers @ go4celebrity.comWhat is Japanese standard beauty? Is that different from American standard of beauty? I think it is very different. Because in order for women to be considered beautiful in Japan, she must hold at least three key characteristics.

1) Flawless pale skin
2) Skinny
3) Double eyelids (It’s called futaemabuta in Japanese) But they single single eyelids are not very pretty in Japan..

So the actress on this blog is definitely any Japanese men’s and even women’s fantasy. Girls want to look that perfect..She is skinny and beautifully pale, looks somewhat naive and they just love that look. Not to mention, this girl has perfectly rounded eyelids. Those are usually surgically crated among Japanese celebrities nowadays but I know that this girl did not have a surgery.

She is a natural Japanese beauty. In America, I guess being skinny matters and also being tall (5.6-5.9) may be ideal for American men. Also American women often go to tanning salon or spend weekends on the beach getting tanned..so there is a huge difference in the standard of beauty when it comes to the skin. But having pale skin doesn’t really mean you are prettier in the US. So it is a huge difference.

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