Japanese high school student flying

What? I came across this youtube video without knowing what this video is all about. It was shot by a smartphone and two school girls are chasing one another. It looks like an ordinary video made using a smart phone. Then something crazy happens.

…She looks like an ordinary Japanese school girl, but she suddenly backflips. Then she climbs walls, jumps off roof like Ninja. Then she makes kickboxing moves, backflips again and again..oh my god.

This is pretty crazy. I get frustrated with TV commercials because they usually cut off the TV show’s most exciting scenes but this is one of the best TV commercials that I’ve ever seen growing up in Japan. I usually use a commercial break to go to the bathroom but would have seen this whole video just to make sense of this whole video.

Finally you understand what this commercial is all about when a girl takes out a bottle of carbonated soda then offers to her friend. This is a TV commercial made by Suntory Foods International Co Ltd, one of the largest food manufacturers in Japan. This video surely has gained massive international attention as the number of replays on youtube alone crossed 7 million!!!


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