Japanese history class that is actually fun

I used to doze off during my high school history class..teacher sounded monotone and I don’t think I was the only person who was falling asleep during his class. Maybe history is not meant to be fun.

But the Youtube video on the history of Japan by Bill Wurtz is actually fun and children can learn so much just by watching the video. It is relatively fast paced yet very articulate.

It even makes audiences want to go learn more about Japanese history.

Learning history with a textbook is tedious and especially back home in Japan, it was about reading the textbooks and memorize for various exams. It was boring and tedious.

The good thing about this youtube video of Japanese history is that it takes you from early settlement to modern day Japan, and the video was viewed over 1.7 million times just in two days!

Bill Wurtz, the instructor gives his unique perspectives on this common subject in just 9 minute.

So go watch it and leave your comment~!

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