Japan’s chubby woman

I love this popular chubby or fat female comedian (Naomi Watanabe) in Japan. She is known for being the funniest Beyonce impersonator. Of course, she doesn’t actually sing but her dancing, facial expression and everything about her are so exaggerated and funny.

And the best thing is that..Beyonce doesn’t seem to mind Watanabe’s impersonation! Beyonce is laughing.


Beyonce might get offended by
am sorry but she is not “chubby” but “fat” “DEBU” in Japanese..those aren’t my words..I’ve heard other comedians make fun of this woman. But she is a very special woman and her funniness is just beyond anyone’s imagination and I do like this “chubby” Japanese female comedian!!

This is her official profile. She is part of the largest comedy organization in Japan (“Yoshimoto Kogyo”).

In this profile, she is 157 cm and 95 kg. Ouch.


She is the representative of modern Japanese boom..”Pocha-Kawa” (Poccharri (chubby) + Kawaii (Cute)

She stayed in New York for three months hoping that guys would like her but she said in the interview that she wasn’t as popular as she thought she would be…T-T

But she was Happy that American people reassured that she wasn’t DEBU..because there are lots of obese people in the U.S…It is true.

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