My Darlin is a foreigner

My Darling is a Foreigner (Darin wa Gaikokujin) is a manga series and it was written by Saori Oguri. The manga series were so popular that bilingual versions have also been produced. The story is based on the writer’s real life. Her boyfriend, Tony Laszio, is American who lives in Tokyo. The film was also produced in 2010 and I am planning to get a DVD to see that movie. 🙂 I can’t give an official review since I haven’t seen the movie or read the manga series before.

I am sharing the trailer of this movie posted on youtube.



The one she felt in love with is a foreigner from America.


They get lost sometimes (because of cultural differences), but they are living happily, and this is about the romance between the two.

“God bless you”

“God bless you って直訳すると「神のご加護」をだよね」

“When you translate God Bless you, doesn’t it mean “Kami no Gokago wo?” (in Japanese”


“Umm, but in this case, it is more like “take care of yourself.”


“In Japan, (when you sneeze) it is said that someone is talking about you.”


Today’s theme is:


We asked foreigners who live in Japan.


“What do you like about Japanese culture?”


(Male from Nepal) “I like Kyoto, the house, temple..”


(Male from France) “I like tatami and Japanese style room”


(Russian woman) “I like watching Japanese comedy”


(Man from Turkey) “I like Japanese New Year”


(Man from Kenya) “I like Sumo, I always buy a ticket to see the game”


(Man from Brazil) “(Japanese people) respect others”


(Man from America) “I love Onsen”


(Man from China) ” During Hanabi season, young girls wear Yukata..they are super cute.”


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