No sex and the city

Marie Claire is my favorite magazine..I get magazines by mail and I subscribed to ipad version for both U.S. and UK magazines. 🙂 And this one posting caught my attention. Japan’s 20 and 30-something are choosing celibacy over hookups and dating..why is this generation so turned off? They were interviewing a girl in her early 20s and she says that she has no interest in sleeping with men. She says she doesn’t even want to hold hands..According to the JFPA survey released in January 2013, 45% of women ages 16 to 24 were not interested in or disliked sexual contact. (Marie Claire) and magazine continues to say that more than 40% of Japanese marriages are sexless.

I am not sure how far the story is accurate because I haven’t lived in Japan for over ten years. But I still watch Japanese TV shows, talk to my friends regularly and it sounds like this report is a bit exaggerated here. Japan has been suffering low birth rates, which is extremely concerning because one quarter of the total japanese population is now seniors who are 65 and over.But women are not getting married in their early 20s and many of them choose not to marry as they want to focus on career. also there is a report that many Japanese youth feel hopelessness because of its stagnant economy and that may be the reason why young Japanese people are not as optimistic about their future as the previous generations used to…When you are in that state of mind, of course you can become sex-less. This is my theory!

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