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Yumi to Lesson offers one-on-one private lessons in Japanese via Skype, a free program that is perfect for learning Japanese. It allows you to practice reading and writing through its text messaging system while voice chat gives you practical experience in speaking and understanding Japanese. Yumi Nakata is an experienced Japanese language tutor originally from Japan. She currently resides in California. All her Japanese lessons are customized to help you learn Japanese at your own pace. Her lessons are suitable for learners of all levels.

For beginners (Private Lesson)

We typically use Genki 1 or Japanese for busy people depending on your preference. Lessons are customized to meet your needs and learning style. In the early stage of learning, we believe that it is important to build a strong foundation of grammars so you will be introduced to new Japanese grammars in an order, which is easy to follow and learn. We will also do a lot of exercises and practices to help you speak natural Japanese.

Fees: $20 per lesson. (45 minutes) homework assignments and learning materials are included. We request a payment prior to scheduling a lesson. Once the payment is received, you will receive an email confirming your lesson. TutorĀ isĀ available to answer your questions regarding homework and lessons via emails.

Group lessons for beginners: This class is held via Skype, and up to 3 students can participate in this course so the instructor can provide individualized attentions to each student. Each lesson is 50 minutes, and a class will be held on a weekly lesson for 9 weeks. Registration fees ($45) and tuition fees ($180) are required in order to enroll for this course. (this class subjects to availability)

One-on-one lessons for intermediate: Genki2 or Japanese for busy people series will be used depending on your preference. Weekly homework is assigned to help you take your Japanese to the next level. You will receive the most individualized lesson plans to learn how to speak, read and write Japanese effectively. Each lesson costs $20 per 45 minutes lesson. A payment should be made prior to each lesson.

One-on-one lessons for advanced learners: We will use newspaper articles and textbooks for advanced Japanese. Each lesson costs $25 per 45 minutes lesson, or $40 if homework should be assigned.

*At this moment, we do not offer group lessons for intermediate and advanced learners. Special arrangement will be needed to cater to intermediate and advanced learners of Japanese language.
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