Chinese tourists to Japan up 80%

Finally the COOL JAPAN initiative may be working out for the Japanese government.

Japanese PM Abe was planning to boost the Japanese tourism and bring as many as 2 million tourists to Japan per year. This is to recover the stagnant economy.

The number of Chinese tourists visited in 2014 did exceed Abe’s expectation..Approximately 2.2 million Chinese tourists have visited Japan in 2014, which is an increase from the previous year.

This is impressive because of the political issues China and Japan were having. Japan managed to still sell their cool Japan initiative. Another reason why so many tourists are coming from abroad is the weakening of Japanese yen. Asians, especially people from China love shopping and Japan is a paradise for shoppers.

The transport ministry’s Japan Tourism Agency reports that each Chinese tourist spend approximately $1670 in Japan on average. Regardless of the frictions Japan and China have been experiencing, people love Japanese culture, manga, anime, food..everything cool that Japan offers. So people don’t care much about the political issues as long as it’s safe and tourists can have a nice vacation..that’s what matters the most to these tourists.

I hope that people from China will learn more about my country and culture during their visit and hopefully this will lead to two countries becoming allies instead of enemies…Anyhow..the cool initiatives are working out!

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