Japanese woman captures 100 years of beauty

Watch this Japanese woman capture 100 years of beauty in Japan in 2 minutes. The latest clip in cupt.com’s 100 years of beauty take you far back to different era.

This is quite fascinating. This features the stunning evolution of makeup and hair styles in Japan over the last 100 years.

Model Me guide you through unique look represented by each period of time. It is eye opening to see the beauty of 1930s, 1940s etc. So who came up with this stunning video?

Mother-daughter team, Junko and marina Taylor explain how western styles and fashions have had a huge influence on Japanese women’s fashion.

You can see that in a behind-the-scenes clip.

Japan is definitely one of most fashion conscious societies in the world,  In this video you will see everything from the Geishas of the 1910s to the mod looks of the 1960s, showing the Western influences.

Simply stunning.


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