happy thanksgivingWe don’t celebrate Thanksgiving back home but I love thanksgiving and would be celebrating thanksgiving with my family if I had a chance to be with my family in Japan. Thanksgiving is a special day for family in America. Most people don’t go to school or work and spend time with family on Thanksgiving and have delicious a delicious Turkey lunch or dinner..A lot of people use this opportunity to express their gratitude for their families and friends. I wish we can do this everyday and we should be thankful for what we have everyday but it doesn’t really work that way. We often overlook the simple luxury that we have..the food, health, friends and loved ones…because there are many unfortunate people who don’t have these things.

But anyways..regardless of what we should be doing, it is good to use the opportunity to count our blessings. Gratitude allows us to see what we have and it is said to be the key factor for happiness. We should forget about what we don’t have and focus on what we have on Thanksgiving and let’s let your friends and family know that you are thankful for their friendship, love and support. ^_^

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