Feminine Japanese man?

I’ve lived in America for many years and although I didn’t conduct a proper survey to get the data, I am going to summarize the things about Japanese men which may turn American women off. Please note that these are my personal perceptions.

1) I am so sorry nihonjin no dansei no kata..Most of my American girlfriends tell me frankly that they are not attracted to Asian men period. But there is nothing they can do about it and it’s their loss, right?

Ordinary Japanese man

Ordinary Japanese man

2)I wrote about this in a different blog entry but typical Japanese men wouldn’t open doors for women, and all these nice chauvinistic stuff American men do toward women.

3)This may be under 1) but many American women say that Asian men are too thin and Japanese men are also thin..But no offense but American women’s average size is 14..that might be an issue. LOL

4)Weird hairstyle Well, I think young Japanese boys (18-29) may have funky hair styles with crazy blonde highlights but lots of young guys have unique hairstyles and some American women find that too much.

Funky Japanese Hair Style

Japanese men have funky hair styles

5)Japanese people are shy and they are normally soft spoken and American women may expect men to be more charismatic but most Japanese men are soft spoken.

6)Another complain that I heard from a friend of mine was that her Japanese date was extremely stingy. Even though he asked her out to have lunch, he insisted on splitting the bill and it is kind of a taboo in America. Usually the first date, men are supposed to take care of the main bill..But NOT all the Japanese men are like this. I know a lot of Japanese men who always pay for their women.

7)Communication issues-Well, you are dating a Japanese guy..so what do you expect? But some American women complain that Japanese guys don’t know how to speak English and some of them were too shy to even try and that turned them off badly.

I do personally like Japanese men..not other Asian men but I have special interests in certain Japanese men. 🙂 I think these misunderstandings arise because of the lack of communications between Japanese men and American women. Japanese men tend to be very self-conscious of himself and I think that is far better than arrogant asshole-the type we find in California.

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