Slurp your noodle!

soba restaurant
When my parents visited me, I told my dad not to slurp the noodle at the restaurant. My mom is a classy woman, but my dad loves to show how much he loves what he is eating by making that crazy sound..well, it’s customary for Japanese people to slurp the noodles. Japanese food offers various types of excellent noodles (udon, ramen, soba..etc).

My American friend, Mary visited me in Japan and we went to a noodle house..I hesitantly slurped..hum..”oishii..!!” and she looked at me like..”what are you doing, yumi?” and I told her that it was ok to sluuuuurp!! She couldn’t do it..was too embarrassed. I know it is very rude and people will look at you funny in America if you slurp soup or noodle in the restaurant. But in Japan, it is totally fine and slurping just means that you are just enjoying your food. ^_^ And the chef would be happy hearing his customers’ Also Japanese people say that it tastes better when they slurp their udon, ramen and whatever that they are eating..I totally agree with that concept.

If you are visiting Japan for the first time, you might want to try local Udon and Ramen restaurants. And in popular restaurants, you will hear customers slurping their noodles even if you are standing outside the store. lol

There is an interesting story about slurping. So I’ve mentioned that many Japanese people say slurping makes what they are eating even more delicious and even the study shows that because it allows the flavors to spread and the flavors of the noodles and soup are multiplied when we should indeed do this if we are in Japan. It’s not rude to do that in Japan, so when you are traveling Japan, slurp noodles as often as you would like.. ^_^

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