Tokimeki Tonight

I was a kid, I was really into manga and Tokimeki Tonight was one of my favorite Japanese manga series, and all my girlfriends were really into them too. Tokimeki Tonight was featured in manga magazine Ribon from 1982 to that was a long time! There are 30 volumes in the original release of the manga series in Japan. In 2006, they sold 26 million copies, making Tokimeki TOnight the sixth best-selling Shojo Manga..

I enjoyed reading romantic fantasy manga..if you are into chick flicks, you may like tokimeki tonight.

“Ranze Etou is an adorable immortal girl with a vampire father and a werewolf mother who would throw things at each other when they get into childish fights. However, Ranze just wants to live like a normal girl and lead a normal life. Unfortunaetly, she is blessed with the power to turn into anything she bites. For example, if she accidentally bites a cake the wrong way, then she will turn into a cake. The only way to return to normal is to sneeze! Ranze is in love with Shun Makabe, who is a handsome human boy at school. However, a human girl (without much hair) named Youko also likes Shun, and she would do anything to reveal that Ranze is not a human. Things got even more complicated when Ranze met Aaron, who is the prince of the spirit world. Aaron fell in love with Spirit World. Aaron fell in love with Ranze and first sight, and he would do whatever it takes to win her away from Shun…Tokimeki Tonight was one of the most popular manga..”
I personally like the manga series not the TV series of Tokimeki Tonight.

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