Usagi Nakamura a popular Japanese writer

Usagi Nakamura, a popular Japanese writer, has published books on her compulsive shopping. She is known as the Queen of Shopping. Nakamura admits to being addicted to shopping luxury goods. She talks about Hermes handbag and Chanel suit repeatedly in her books. Ordinary people like us cannot afford to spend $4000-$7000 for a handbag. Nakamura can’t afford to buy it either because of mounting credit card debts, the taxes she owes and other monthly bills. But she does buy the hand bag anyways by getting herself into more debts by borrowing money from her publishers. She is a popular author in Japan, so there are publishers which are willing to give her the portion of her book sales in advance. By the end of the month, she has less than $2 in her bank, and she cannot even afford to take a cab to go to work in Tokyo. That sounds like a serious situation. Well, it is a very serious situation even to Nakamura.

Her unique writing style will bring you a good laugh even though this shouldn’t be funny. But her situation gets so ridiculous tat she also laughs at her foolishness. Thanks to her unique personality and writing style, her books millions of copies in Japan. Nakamura is an extremely intelligent writer with strong analytical skills. She often analyzes her issues and how these related to the common issues modern women struggle with. She also analyzed her shopping addiction, and learned to curve her urge. But it did not stop there. After managing to put the breaks on her buying, Nakamura found a new hobby. She started to go to host clubs. She met one hosuto (host is who works at host club in Japan), who basically had tried to seduce her to spend more money. Nakamura fell in love with this good looking man who was 13 years younger than her.She was a frequent visitor to one host club in Kabuki cho district in Tokyo. Nakamura is said to have spent a total of 15 million yen on her favorite host over the period of 14 months. Her private life is also outrageous and controversial to many Japanese people. I should not say that it is outrageous, but it is unusual. Because after Nakamura divorced from uncaring husband, she is now married to her soul mate who is originally from Hon Kong. She is now married to a Chinese gay husband!  Isn’t that unusual? Later she explains that her hatred and distrust toward men in general led to her marriage to her soul mate even though they will never have a sexual relationship. Her husband is gay, he is ok with Nakamura doing her own things.

I don’t time a lot of time to read books, but I make sure to read her book everyday. It is funny and uplifting even though the content is kind of heavy at times. Japanese women (Asian women, I should say) are said to love luxurious brand items more than any other race or ethnic groups in the world. We might be able to find the answer in Nakamura’s book. She suffered from shopping addiction. She said she had felt ecstatic when she had first bought a Chanel coat. Finally she lived up to the standard because she felt empty inside. To fill the void, she continued to buy unnecessary brand items, some of which were never used and stayed in the boxes, which started to pile up in her room.

I am nure if they do have English version, but if you are able to read advanced level Kanji, I highly recommend that you read her books. Her books are funny, insightful…and outrageous.


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