Warner Brothers Japan Designed Harry Potter Anime

Warner Bros. Japan Designed Adorable Harry Potter Anime-Like Characters Available on your Keychains, Stamps, and Buttons. 


Harry Potter is extremely popular all around the globe. It is really cool that the company in Japan¬†licensed these cute illustrations . Maybe this is the start of Harry Potter anime series? I don’t know about that but these are too cute.


“So fat, the designs have been limited to things like folder files, buttons rubber stamps, and keychains. These designs are apparently Japan-only and scream for either a full-on anime or manga adaptation.”



“First to go on sale will be 12 clear plastic file folders featuring different Harry Potter characters: Each file is sold for 378 yen.”


“This isn’t dojinshi artwork that someone is selling at Comiket while the franchise’s rights holders turn a blind eye, either. The products are officially licensed by Warner Bros., marketing the first time the company has granted permission for super deformed versions of its movie characters to be produced in Japan.”

Which character is your favorite?



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