Ramen Burger

I don’t know what this is but this mysterious burger has been taking New York by storm. Burger buns made of Ramen noodles. People stood in line for over three hours to get Raman burger. Hamburger patty is in between two compressed ramen noodles instead of using a traditional bun. I grew up in Japan and have never seen anything like this before and I don’t know if Japanese people would stand in line to get Ramen burger. Keizo Shimamoto, 35, is the creator of this Ramen Burger. He used to be a computer programmer but decided to quit his job to focus on blogging about Ramen.

So are they really that good? I don’t know..I think it’s the same reason why people stand in line for two hours to get the latest iphone..so that they can tell people that they have a brand new iphone..so these people can tell people that they have tried Ramen burger!

It is good that the creator of this hamburger has already trademarked the name so others cannot start selling copies.

The picture of Ramen Burger..It’s a Shoyu (soy sauce) Ramen Burger sold at Smorgasburg in New York.

ramen burger

ramen burger hit the new york by storm

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