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When you ask your Japanese friend, what he considers the standard of beauty in Japan. He would probably talk about three things. 1) White skin 2) big rounded eyes 3) somewhat innocent Asian facial features with hint of Caucasian. They may not exactly say 3) like that but that’s what they are referring to as rounded double eyelids aren’t common features of Japanese people and also other Asian societies follow this beauty standard often. It may be because of the Caucasian models used for many beauty products overseas and these products come to Japan and other Asian countries. So when I think about three things, many popular Japanese actresses have these three features. And Nozomi Sasaki, Japanese model and actress is definitely one of those celebrities who fit the criteria of modern Japanese beauty and undeniably everybody would say she is so pretty..well, at least Japanese and Asian people would say that. Sadly women are pressured to remain as pale as possible by refraining from sun. UV rays are not good for your skin and excessive exposure to sun can even lead to skin cancer but these Japanese celebrities probably have to go to the extreme end to protect their skin from getting tanned. About 10 years ago, tanned skin became popular but Japanese beauty standard remains the same.

So are you considered pretty based on the standard? Am I? Probably not. I definitely need to lose weight to even meet the weight criteria they have.
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