New Nissim Tom Yam Noodle

nissin_tom_yam_seafood_flavor_instant_cup_noodles_nissin_foods_asia_pte_ltd2011_10_06_14_55I love Thai food..I go to my favorite Thai restaurant at least twice a month…and Tom Yum soup is definitely one of my favorite Thai soups. This is so exciting that Nissin Foods company recently started selling the instant noodle Tom Yum Flavor soup on 4/14! Nissin released a statement that they are temporarily suspending the sales of this specific flavour because the products are sold out everywhere and the actual sales of Tom Yum noodle are sold over at the twice rate as expected. Their production is simply not catching up with the demands of their consumers..this is a good news given the tough continuing economic climate because of Japan’s recent tax hike. Japanese people are eating cup noodles..! Nissin collaborated with the local people in Thailand to reproduce the real taste of Tom Yum soup sold in Thailand. Each product is sold for 170 yen in Japan and the company is planning to resume the production soon.

I want to try it because I love Thai food but at the same time, I am curious as to how they can ever reproduce the actual taste of Thai soup. The soup has lime and sometimes coconut and it isn’t like instant Miso Soup! And I LOVE their original instant noodle..even though I know how unhealthy it is with MSG, it is so addictive that I haven’t had one for over a decade now..I hope that this new flavor will be imported to American market. ^_^

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