Asian women’s most common surgery

CNN features the most common plastic surgery among Asian women. This young beautiful Korean woman doesn’t think she is pretty enough because of her eyes. So this well-known plastic surgeon in Los Angeles uses the stitches to create a bigger eyelid crease. This plastic surgeon was featured on Tyra Banks, Oprah Winfrey and many other TV shows. What’s the big deal..? and I have to say that this is indeed the most common plastic surgery in Japan also. Having bigger eyes is the most important physical trait for Japanese, Chinese and Korean people and so double eyelid surgery is the most popular plastic surgery in these countries. American media criticizes them for trying to change their racial identity but they aren’t trying to change the race. They are going to still look Asian even after the surgery and they aren’t doing this to change their ethnic identity.

Of course the media plays a big part in this. Look at all the advertisements of major cosmetic companies-LoReal, Revlon, Maybelin, Cover Girl..I hardly see any ads with Asian models and they all use women with large eyes-mostly white women.

But I think it is sort of reverse racism to assume that these Asian women are getting eyelid surgeries because they want to become white. White women aren’t the only ones with big eyelid creases. Latino women, black women, Indian women..they all have beautiful eyelid folds. Another thing which bothers me was that the media was criticizing black women for “relaxing” their hairs-basically straightening their curly hairs in order to become more white. Where did they get this idea? It’s the same as Asian eyelid surgery. Asian women have very straight hairs..much more than white women but the American media again assumes that black women are turning their back on their ethnic identity to become white because they want straight hair. I don’t understand this and it’s sort of ethnocentric to assume everybody wants to become white!

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