Teaching English in Japan

I can’t remember how many students whom I have tutored in the past watend to teach English in Japan. It is obviously a huge industry. In Japanese high schools and universities, English is the most taught language in Japan. Japanese companies do business with foreign companies, fluency in English and Japanese is highly valued. Nowadays everybody is studying English in Japan. Many Japanese people know how to read and write simple English, but carrying a conversation in English is always a challenge for Japanese people. In order to improve English communication skills, Japanese students and working professionals go to English conversational schools (E-kaiwa).

If you are interested in living in Japan and have passion for teaching, you are probably interesting in pursuing teaching careers in Japan. Although it is not always easy to keep the job, chances of getting a teaching job in Japan isn’t too bad.

There are various types of English teaching jobs in Japan

-Public school teacher: Japanese middle schools, high schools and even elementary schools now teach English as a requirement

-University teacher: English is the single most taught second-language in Japanese universities.

-Private conversation English teacher: English conversation schools are everywhere in Japan. In fact, my sister started going there to learn how to communicate in English.


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