This is a very important topic. I used to struggle to set some boundaries but it is important for all of us to know your limit and to set boundaries with other people. A lot of people feel guilty about setting boundaries with other because they think they are not being there for them enough. But remember that if you don’t set boundaries with others, you are not caring for yourself. We generally cannot help others unless we practice good self care.

We want to be there for others, and many of us just say “Yes” to everything. We want to please and accommodate people but what cost?

If we don’t take the initiative to set boundaries, we start to build resentment when it becomes overwhelming. Many of us have difficulties saying no because of perceived judgment..and like you have to make an excuse when you say no. “Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love yourself, honoring your needs and willingness to take the risk of disappointing others. When we say no to others sometimes, we are saying yes to ourselves. “No” can be an active self-care. This is the best part of this learning.


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