Creepy scary Japanese Mouthpiece

face slimmer

Face slimmer

I don’t know but this totally is totally creepy. You will find many weird cosmetic devices in face roller, face slimmer etc etc and now this crazy Anti-Aging Mouthpiece. There are crazy inventions in Japan and fortunately I can still buy these products in Japanese stores here in California..but this one is really creepy.

This mouthpiece is supposed to work as an anti-aging mouthpiece and it works to slim your face as well. This device called “Glim” which supposes to tighten muscles around your mouth while enhancing signature Japanese “duck-face” look. I am Japanese but I am totally embarrassed about this part of Japanese culture. It almost looks like a joke but girls buy the device to make their face slimmer.

It is extremely easy to use this..all you need to do is to wear that as a mouth piece and then say “a,

face slimmer device

face slimmer device

i, u, e, o” and repeat to exercise unused muscles around your mouth. You can effectively exercise your facial muscles..Actually I want one.. LOL

But the rating is surprisingly low and some girls are complaining that the mouthpiece is too large or too small so it needs to be customized to fit the user’s size.

If you want, you can buy this from

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