Crepe vending machine

クレープ1 クレープ2 クレープ3
There are a number of vending machines everywhere in Japan. I don’t find vending machines at the bus station in California. So this is very interesting, and another reason that I appreciate Japan so much. ^_^

When I was in high school, they used to sell tobacco, alcohol..I do now know if they sell these anymore. These are the standard vending machines but apparently, there are vending machines that sell crepes in Japan.

I LOVE crepes..especially banana and chocolate cream..Yum

This “crepe” vending machine sells various types of crepes, from fruits to plain cream. Each crepe costs only 200 yen.

The crepe is inside a glass bin and you are supposed to leave the glass bin into the crate next to the vending machine. How clever..

Maybe they should start selling sushi?!

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