Famous Japanese wrestler died by suicide

This is a very heart-wrenching story of a 22 year-old Japanese female who recently died by suicide. Hana Kimura was a professional wrestler and was also the cast of the popular Japanese reality shows series called “Terrace House.”

I have never seen the show and hadn’t even know about her until I saw this heartbreaking news. We don’t know the exact cause of her death, but multiple news are reporting that she died by suicide. She recently posted concerning photos on social media site, apologizing and saying good bye to her name.

It was reported that she was getting 100 hateful messages on her social media account. Online bullying is serious. Some people leave such hateful comments without understanding that there are people who will be really affected by these comments. Sure, we can learn to ignore that especially if you are a famous person.

This young woman was only 22 years old and apparently something she said or did on the reality TV show led to cyber bullying. Some Japanese actors are taking legal actions against haters who stalk and leave multiple hateful and even threatening messages there. It is very sad that she could not have been saved in time but she already made up her mind and she was suffering so much.

It is easy to tell others “just ignore social media account” but if you keep getting hateful messages everyday, in her case she was getting 100 messages of hate. Some actress recently took a firm stance against spammer and haters who stalk her online and leave a nasty message. I did not know you could do that in Japan, but this model/idol was fed up with constant hateful comments toward her and her families. She worked with attorney and she identified one or two women who have been cyber bullying her and actress decided to withdraw her initial complaint because they did apologize.

This is a very stressful time and I want all of us to think before we just speak or say stuff. It can hurt other people.

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