Former Kat-tun idol Junnosuke Taguchi arrested for smoking marijuana

Wow this news itself wasn’t shocking because Japanese celebrities have been getting into trouble with drugs problems in recent years. But this one was somewhat shocking to average fans who devoted their lives to Journey’s idols. Junnosuke Taguchi is a former member of Japanese idol group Kat-tun.

He was charged with possessing marijuana with his live in girlfriend who used to be a famous actress. Taguchi is 33 years old and his girlfriend Rena Komine is 38 years old. So how much marijuana did they have in their possession? 2.2 grams of may be biased because in where I live (California), Marijuana is legal so you can use it for medical or even for recreational reasons. Anyways when Taguchi was transported by the taxi, he even mad this subtle smile so paparazzi and fans were shocked to see his cool attitude after getting caught for serious criminal offense..well, in Japan, it is a serious offense to get arrested for smoking pot.

As soon as Taniguchi was released from the jail., he fell to his knees outside the police station and apologized. “I promise I will never touch illegal drugs including marijuana and become involved in crime,” Taguchi said, adding that he will suspend his showbiz activities and focus on regaining the public trust.

In Hollywood, nobody cares but in Japan celebrities, especially idol groups get quite a few corporate sponsors so their images are extremely important and it is not uncommon for corporate sponsors to drop such idols who violate the trust.


But I don’t know was Taniguchi being sincere? or was he just playing the game? Dogeza is what he has done..kneeling down on the ground in front of people, putting head on the ground. It is the most sincere form of my opinion, it’s an ancient practice and sometimes, if you do it today, it looks fake and it just seems like an attempt to win self-pity.

Marijuana is still very controversial in Japan but it is important to make it clear that Marijuana is not the same classification meth, cocaine, LSD etc…People often group all these drugs together but Marijuana has been tested for its specific compounds such as CBD that may alleviate the suffering of HIV patients, terminal cancer, Arthritis, severe pain, this gives us a chance to really think about this incident.

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