Good looking Japanese actors ranking

These Japanese actors are getting a lot of media attention and doing pretty well in TV drama series, variety TV programs, movies and various other areas of Japanese entertainment. These young and hot guys are getting attention from people from all generations.

No. 1  Masaki Suda: He was chosen the best looking guy by readers of Japanese fashion magazine “ViVi”. He debuted in the 2009 “Kamen Raidaa W” series, at the age of 16, the youngest in the series. He has steadily risen in Japanese entertainment for having played various types of roles.

Born: February 21, 1993

Osaka Prefecture, Japan

Heigh: 5’9″

No. 2 Kentarou Sakaguchi: He debuted as a model in 2010 and became an actor in 2014. Although he didn’t have much acting experience, his natural acting has been well received.

Born: July 11, 1991

Tokyo, Japan

Height: 6’0″

No. 3 Kento Yamazaki: He is a Japanese actor and model. He debuted in the year 2010 and is under the Japanese talent Agency Sardust Promotion.

Born: September 7, 1994

Itabashi, Tokyo, Japan

Height: 5’10”

No. 4: Takanori Iwata is a Japanese dancer and actor. He is a member of Sandaime J Soul Brothers and Exile.  He graduated from Keio University, one of top Japanese private universities.

Born: March 6, 1989

Nagoya, Aichi prefecture, Japan

Height: 5’9″

No. 5: Ikusaburo Yamazaki is a Japanese actor and singer who is represented by Ken-On.

Born: January 18, 1986 Tokyo, Japan

Height: 5’10”

No 6: Yuya Yagira is a Japanese actor. His portrayal of 12-year-old Akira in the highly acclaimed nobody knows won him a Best Actor Award at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival.

BornL March 26, 1990. , Higashi

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