Miranda Kerr is so popular in Japan

Miranda Kerr, a former Victoria’s Secret super model is super popular in Japan. Not only in Japan but also in South Korea but I am not going to get into it in this article. I just want to focus on Miranda whom I also like and I want to talk about why she is so popular among Japanese girls.

Miranda has appeared in a number of Japanese TV commercials and currently she is an ambassador model for a Japanese fashion company called Samantha Thavasa. Samantha Thavasa is known for its cute handbags and mainly girls in 20s are their regular clients. Is it a very special brand for Japan and why did they decide to use Miranda Kerr to promote it?

Miranda Kerr is an Australian model and she is extremely attractive and people would say Miranda Kerr is flawless. Her adorable dimples accentuates her beautiful smile and when she joined the Victoria’s Secret and appeared her first TV commercial, America fell in love with her girl next door type and of course Japan fell in love with Miranda’s insane beauty and most importantly cuteness.

As I wrote about kawaii in my previous article, Japan is all about Kawaii and Miranda’s look is very trendy for these popular brands. Japanese people feel inferiority complex around Gaiin, meaning foreigners in Japanese but Miranda always learn and say a few Japanese words and even bow. She is humble and sounds very humble. She is beautiful but she has a very cute face that is so appealing to Japanese market. She is gaijin but someone Japanese women find easier to identify with as opposed to other super models like Adriana Lima. It does make sense because in order to sell Japanese products, marketers have to either hire Japanese celebrities to promote the product or use a foreign celebrity whom everybody in Japan don’t feel threatened.

Here is my persona; reason why I am crazy about Miranda Kerr.

1) She is gorgeous. She is flawless and beautiful. She should be listed to the word “Beauty” in every dictionary. Miranda is that beautiful.

2) Cute face-Again Miranda has a very friendly cute face mainly because of her dimples and eyes are a bit apart and that makes her look a little younger actually. She has nice smile that makes everybody smiles at her. I would say it is Miranda’s magic.

3) Humble attitude-Unlike other models, I think Miranda appears to be more humble and always greets her fans no matter where she meets and thank them for meeting with her and she always take pictures with her fans and sign autographs. Some celebrities wouldn’t waste their time so it really shows her friendliness.

4) Good role model: Miranda and Orland Bloom, the super couple filed for divorce in 2013 but the couple has been maintaining regular contact because of their son. People these days often become regulars on the tabloid magazines but although there are news and all that, Miranda seemed to stay grounded and no pay attention to these things.

5) Miranda is very business oriented-Miranda isn’t your typical model who poses and party and that’s it. She created her own organic skin care lines that are shipped world wide now. I would love to use her organic skin care. I like how she has been hands on with each product and she wants to expand her business and show her independent sides.

6) Miranda promotes healthy life style. Unlike some popular Japanese models (these girls aren’t comparable to top models, but), Miranda says she works out very hard in order to maintain her shape especially after giving birth to her beautiful son-Flynn. I like how she doesn’t hide the effort.

7) She published two books on self-love through Hays publications I believe. Although I haven’t gotten her books, I am interested in downloading her books. One is titled treasure yourself. Miranda always talks about the importance of feeling good about yourself because we are all born with certain missions and everybody has skills.

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