How to have intimate relationships during the pandemic crisis

This is a very weird time. They told us not to come to classes or to the internship sites anymore. Business is slowly reopening, but mainly non essential stores are all closed and we have been ordered stay home.

Then I started to spend more time on my cell phone, scrolling down on instagram. A lot of comparisons, judgements, so I have felt a little insecure about myself and this is a vicious cycle.

It’s very lonely and if you don’t have enough to do, looking at social media posts for prolonged period of time is not very good for our emotional wellbeing. That’s when some of us start to compare ourselves with others.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. We often don’t know anything about the people we follow on instagram. Anyways, to me this whole social media has been consuming my time so much and something needs to be done!

But there is a positive aspect of this pandemic crisis. people are having zoom party and some people including myself try to conscious effort to connect with others. Texts are ok, but it is better if you can actually give your friends a call.

A lot of people are feeling very lonely and they may be waiting for your call. This is the time to reach out to others just to say and how they are doing. This is a great time to connect with others and deepen our existing friendships. We are in this together.

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