Is Japan more transgender friendly?

Everybody is talking about Bruce Jenner and how we came out finally during the interview with Dyane Sawyer. There has been speculation that Bruce Jenner was transitioning into a woman. It was pretty obvious with his perfect nails, nicely treated face and his long hair. From a distance, he could look like a woman.

Although the world was shocked to hear him finally confirm that he identified himself as a woman, I was not nearly surprised. What is the big deal? It is a big deal in the U.S. because he is a gold medal-winning Olympic athlete and is a good looking man naturally. He used to be the all American heartthrob. We just didn’t see this he is the last person who would change his gender…

But it is what it is and I feel sorry for him that he had to live a lie but for whatever reasons, he was married three times and has children. I always wonder how the gender identity disorder affects our sexuality..would he continue to date women or has he always wanted to be with a man because he feels like a woman but I just didn’t get the specific answers from his interview..

What surprises me is this general discomfort with homosexuality and transgender issues in the U.S. When I lived in LA, I was used to see lots of gay people and even transgender people so didn’t realize how unusual that specific environment was..and now I live in a somewhat conservative neighborhood and see people who strongly oppose to changing you gender identity because it’s a choice.

I am sure Bruce Jenner received overwhelming support from family and fans but there are people who find his transition unacceptable and it’s a disgrace.

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